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Dear Fire Department,
After this last snowstorm, it got me to think I haven’t sent you a thank you card. I am so sorry. The home safety visit you made to our house has done more for our family than you will ever know. We have made fire safety a part of our everyday life. During the last snowfall, it filled in our window well for our basement bedroom and if we wouldn’t have had you educate us on fire safety, I wouldn’t have thought to shovel it out. As a family, we would like to thank you for teaching us on fire safety. I think every family should be blessed with your visit. You save lives! After you came to our house, I was telling my brother of all the knowledge we to find out his family only had one fire alarm in his whole house. I am proud to say after our chat my brother now has more fire alarms. Thank you for taking the time to make a difference in our life. As a mother, wife and homeowner, I can now say my house if fire safe and if anything were to happen, I am educated on how to make sure everyone is safe. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The H. Family

Dear Fire Department,
Just a quick but very sincere Thank You! Our family enjoyed meeting you... and was happy you were able to have dinner with us. The knowledge you shared with us was priceless; especially when considering the value of family. I have shared your information with friends, neighbors, family and all my daycare families. Oh! I even shared your information with all my fellow childcare providers at our March/Spring conference.
Thank you!
Mike & Kelly R.
Dear Fire Department,

Becky Booker was here yesterday for the fire safety check. We are both in our 70’s and are very aware of the danger of fire.
When Becky pointed out some of the ways fire starts in the kitchen, like things on the counter near the stove, I could really see that. We removed things off the counter after she left our house. We also had a few other problems that she pointed out. We are now correcting them. We are so thankful that Blaine has a fire safety check program, and we must say that Becky really does a thorough check for fire hazards. 
She is so suited for her job, and so caring about people by telling them about how fires start, especially in kitchens, and about their safety.
We thought we had a fire safe home, but Becky pointed out things we never even thought of before.
Hope this note isn’t too long, but thanks again for the Fire Safety Program.

Melvin & Colleen B.